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I began to struggle with my weight around the age of 21 (and there is not a magic reason – it wasn’t alcohol despite my age but actually 8-10 Dr. Peppers per day that was a big part of my issue). After graduating college I gained nearly 100 pounds and topped out at 272 pounds. Keep in mind I am only 5’11”. I admit – I had a height problem. 🙂

When high school and childhood friends no longer recognized me, when I had to see a cardiologist in my late 20’s, and when my wife had cancer for the second time while pregnant with our first child – I knew something had to change. BUT it wasn’t easy.

I needed help and accountability. So, I started a local weight loss competition loosely fashioned after the Biggest Loser. I used the Beachbody line of products to facilitate the majority of my weight loss. Our weight loss competition grew plus I found myself helping people all across the country. My passion grew to the point where not only do I help people with their physical, spiritual, and emotional transformations but now I also train others how to do the very same thing. I have personally helped over 2,000 people lose more than 40,000 pounds and lead a team of over 100 coaches. All of those numbers seem to be growing on a daily basis.

To be transparent – I still struggle daily. The good news is I have a community of people all across the country that encourage me daily. I do my best to encourage them as well.


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