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Welcome to Faith, Family, and Fitness. This site is meant to be informative, inspirational, and motivational. I won’t shy away from my beliefs and opinions but I don’t expect you to either!

However, almost NO MATTER what your opinions are – agree with me or disagree I believe we can help each other become better people – so thanks for visiting. I expect you to help me grow and my goal is to challenge you as well!

Together we are making a difference. Join us as a client or a coach – it was one of the best decisions of my life.

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What are People Saying About Joe McKamey!

"Hey bud just wanted to tell you thank you, I'm really glad we met . You brought out alot of good qualities in me and for this I'm extremely grateful . And again you are making one heck of a difference."


"I'm currently sitting in a movie theater with arm rests down on both sides of me. COMFORTABLY! It's been a while since I could say that. #smallthings #cantstopwontstop"


"The amount of positive energy that surrounds Joe is awesome. He makes it so easy for me to get pumped and motivated!! I'm loving it!!"